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Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our cookies made someone’s day. If you’d like to add your voice, please don’t be shy!

In the Press

San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune profiled Cookies con Amore Founder and Chief Baker Fernanda Capraro (read more)

San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune wrote a very nice review of our Mother’s Day assortment that includes almond biscotti dipped in chocolate, wedding cookies, hazelnut baci di dama (which translates to lady’s kisses), jelly-filled linzer, pecan or hazelnut nutella sandwich cookies and nonna’s cookies. The handmade assortment also is available in a gluten-free. (read more)

San Diego Channel 6

Join San Diego Channel 6 on a tour of the Cookies con Amore bakery. Watch head baker Fernanda Capraro at work, learn the love story behind these artisanal Italian cookies that are melting hearts and hear quality maestro Angelo Capraro sing a classic Italian song. (watch)

Gluten Free Living

Bring a taste of Italy to the holiday spread. Cookies con Amore’s gluten-free all occasion assortment is packed with hand-baked, hand-cut delicacies including crumby biscottini, Tuscan wedding cookies, soft lemon nonnine, almond macaroons and sweet raspberry linzer cookies. (read more)

Gluten Free Living

These classic Italian cookies are the kinds that you probably wouldn’t make at home, and would stare at longingly in a bakery display. (Been there.) The assortment pack includes a great variety, and is perfect to put out around the holidays. (read more)

No matter how many years I have been gluten-free, I still get giddy when I am able to eat something that is usually off limits. And these cookies were definitely giddy worthy. I usually prefer to make cookies from scratch, but these are an exception. These cookies are beautiful, and they taste as good as they look. You can order them by the cookies, or the assortment box, which makes a perfect hostess gift over the holidays, or a gift…just because – whether they are gluten-free or not … These are the real deal, and I give them a huge thumbs up! (read more)

Marcella Thompkins

I’m actually pretty sure my eyeballs popped out of their sockets because I was so shocked at how good these were. They tasted JUST like the Italian cookies I grew up eating! Fernanda Capraro, co-founder and head baker at Cookies Con Amore, was actually standing at the booth and I just remember standing there with my eyes lit up/popping out, thanking her profusely for baking these amazing cookies that my sister could eat. (read more)


I have sampled all of these cookies and I don’t think I can pick just one favorite, but the raspberry linzer and the polentine are at the top of the list. The cookies’ textures are spot on, so they are soft and moist, or crunchy, or in-between, just like a wheat-based version. I have never had any of these cookies, so there is no way for me to compare the textures. I just know that they taste spot on. These cookies also look beautiful, taste homemade, and I am drooling just thinking about them. (read more)

Gluten-Free Best Friends

I myself grew up in an Italian family and I loved stealing cookies whenever I had a chance. These cookies are so delicious and so beautiful, I caught myself just kind of standing over them for a few seconds in awe. What is even better than the way they look is how they taste. I don’t know how they did it. (read more)

Marian Geringer

I am Italian! So when I had to give up gluten and dairy, I also had to give up so many food traditions and memories … [Fernanda of Cookies con Amore and I] talked awhile and she gave me two types of Gluten-Free cookies—Pignoli and Ricciarelli. I carefully put them in my bag and took them home. I knew if they were as good as they looked, I wanted to enjoy every bite in the peace and quiet of my home. They were even better then I could have possibly imagined. They melted in my mouth, bursting with memories and flavors I have not had in years. (read more)

Customer feedback

Thank you, Cookies con Amore, you’ve changed our lives. We’ve been gluten-free for years and have never, never, never had gluten-free cookies like yours. Your product stands head and shoulders above anything we’ve ever had. The taste, the consistency, the aesthetic is pure perfection.


I was diagnosed with Celiac about eight years ago and it’s been a long road of trial and error along the way. One of the hardest things to live without is good bread and cookies. Definitely hard to find. Discovering Cookies con Amore at the Celiac Show a few weeks ago was like taking a trip back to my childhood enjoying the familiar Italian Cookies. I was so excited, I hugged chef/founder Fernanda and thanked her for bringing these delicious cookies to those of us constantly seeking good gluten-free items. Keep Baking Fernanda we love you!


My entire family adored the cookies. Each bite was better than the one before it. Despite the fact that the four of us are all trying to watch what we eat these days, the box did not last very long at all! We had leftover cake from our favorite bakery, yet we opted for the cookies for dessert every night! P.S. As strange as this might sound, it was really refreshing to taste a cookie with quality ingredients you could FEEL! We really appreciated that aspect of your cookies in our home. Thanks for the extra care.Rose Petrosian

Cookies con Amore are so delicious. So delicious in fact that I have to hide them in the back of the freezer when my sister and brother-in-law come to visit! One Cookie con Amore a day satisfies my sweets’ craving. Or possibly two… Kathi

Thank you so much for making my post-Passover gluten binge out-of-this-world DELICIOUS!!! (This is my second plate! :)) They’re all amazing, but I think the glazed lemon are my favorite! Cooking for Luv

My mother in law picked me up a container of your delightful gluten free cookies and I’m in love!! Thank you for making a great cookie for those of us that have a gluten intolerance. Maria

I love your cookies. I have given as gifts to numerous people and everyone that I have sent them to loves them also! You are a keeper.Kathleen Mallet

My sister lives by herself in West Virginia, has Menieres and suffers side effects from a stroke six years ago. I sent her the almondine and hazelnut shortbread cookies (sugar-free) for her birthday and she LOVED THEM.  She said those cookies are heavenly!!!  You had the perfect gift as she does not have access to many tasty sugar-free cookies. I told her I would send more when her supply got low. Thank you so MUCH for making people happy!!! I recommend your cookies to everyone – they are the BEST!!!Vicki Knowlton

My daughter received your cookies (jelly and wedding cakes are yummy) as a gift from her Godmother. She adores them.Susan Hansen

My unit here in Kuwait loved your homemade cookies. Some people never had Italian cookies before, but now they have made it to their list of favorite cookies. It’s nice to have a taste of Italy all the way out here in the desert. Thank you.Spc Bastedo